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About us

We are a group of people who share ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff and follow the path of the Gurdjieff Work. We live in Moscow, Russia and meet regularly to work on consciousness development, practice Gurdjieff Movements and inner exercises, read "All and Everything", study Gurdjieff cosmology and listen to his music. Our meetings are open for everyone who seeks transformation and harmony, and wants to live consciously.

We are open for contacts with other groups and individuals from different cities and countries.

Much love from Russia to all of you!

Whatsapp / cell +7 (910) 464 8665

Gurdjieff Movements, Russia, Движения Гурджиева

Gurdjieff Movements, Russia, Движения Гурджиева

"Gurdjieff Work and Movements" Sunday intensives

Sunday, once a month, 15:00-21:00, Moscow, Russia

"Gurdjieff Work and Movements" weekly classes

Every Tuesday and Thursday, 20:30-22:30, Moscow, Russia

Details: Whatsapp / cell +7 (910) 464 8665

You are welcome to join!

Seminar Gurdjieff Work and Movements, Moscow, Russia, семинар Работа и Движения Гурджиева

Seminar Gurdjieff Work and Movements, Moscow, Russia, семинар Работа и Движения Гурджиева

All about Gurdjieff Salad

Many thanks to Dushka Howart who shared with us a recipe of the famous Gurdjieff Salad! Since she has passed we make this Salad every year on the day of her memory, which is always followed with a long day of Movements.

The recipe of the Salad can be downloaded here.

See also: on the traces of Gurdjieff Salad fall from the 11-st floor of the Wellington Hotel, New York City. Mini photo-story is here.

Seminar Gurdjieff Work and Movements, Moscow, Russia, семинар Работа и Движения Гурджиева

Residential seminar "Gurdjieff Work and Movements"
April 18-25, 2009, Russia, on the edge of the rainbow

This year along with traditional Fourth Way practices – study of Gurdjieff Movements, practical work and cooking together – our seminar included some new activities, such as art classes and exploration of the nature of colors, sounds, and space. As always, inner exercises designed to develop awareness and attention, as they relate to being present in three centers, were applied through the day and were an integral part of everything we were doing.

We also worked with the chakras as an additional tool for self-observation and self-development. We looked at the balanced and unbalanced aspects of each chakra daily, connecting this to specific Fourth Way practices, which helped our Work be more focused and integrated.

Photos from the event are here.

Gurdjieff Movements, Moscow 2009, Движения Гурджиева

Gurdjieff Movements, Moscow 2009, Движения Гурджиева

Concerts "Music of the Search"

season 2010 – Wim van Dullemen piano concert

December 30th, Thursday, 18:00
Sankt-Petersburg, Rimsky-Korsakov Museum

After the concert Wim van Dullemen gave a talk on a role of the music in the Gurdjieff teaching. Wim's wife and spiritual partner, Christiane Maketanz, also participated in this event.

Wim van Dulemen, after the concert December 30th, 2010, Rimsky-Korsakov Museum, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

season 2008 – Melanie Monsour piano concerts tour

April 05th, Saturday, 17:00
Yaroslavl, Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour

April 09th, Wednesday, 19:00
Moscow, Kremlin
Special guest – Pavel Novikov (bansuri, tabla)

April 11th, Friday, 19:00
Sankt-Petersburg, Sheremetev Palace (Museum of Music)

July 04th, Friday, 21:00
Rome, St.Francis of Assisi Church

November 01st, Saturday, 19:30
Santa Fe, O'Shaughnessy Performance Space, College of Santa Fe

season 2007 – Melanie Monsour piano concert

August 09th, Thursday, 18:30
Moscow, Skriabin Museum

Melanie Monsour after the first concert in Russia, Skriabin Museum, Moscow, August 09th, 2007



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